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Our Pre Build templates can help you do just that. Our templates allow you to create content 10x faster while maintaining professional quality.

Facebook Ads

Are you tired of wasting time writing content for your Facebook Ads? Turbowrites' Facebook Ads Template will help you create content quickly and easily - 10x faster than traditional methods. Get started now and reap the rewards!

Article Generator

Stop spending countless hours on writing boring articles. Turbowrites Article Generator Template helps you create content 10x faster. Try Turbowrites today for fast and easy article creation!

Content Rewriter

Turbowrites is a powerful content reformatter & rewriter that can help you create 10x more content in less time. Try it now and stop wasting time on rewriting content!

Product Description

TurboWrites helps you create product descriptions 10x faster! Our Product Description Writer Template ensures you save time and energy by streamlining your content creation. Automatically create descriptions for all of your products quickly and efficiently. Start writing content faster today!

Pros & Cons

Save time and energy when creating content with the Pros & Cons generater template. It helps you create unique, informative content 10x faster by automatically adding detailed pros and cons to any topic. Generate more content in less time with this awesome template!

Paragraph Generator

Generate quality content quickly and easily with our Paragraph Generator template: the perfect tool for bloggers, content writers and marketers alike. This template utilizes advanced Turbowrite technology, allowing you to create content 10x faster than ever before. Start generating great content with just a few clicks today!

How It works?

You can choose from a selection of professionallycrafted templates for your content. Each template will provide you with the outline of an article, a blog post, or a product description.

After you have selected a template, you will provide the core topic for the content you want to generate.

After you have entered your topic, you will enter several keywords related to the topic. You can enter as many or as few as you want, and these will help the algorithm focus the content and provide more accurate, personalized results.

As part of the project, you will also be able to select a tone. Depending on the type of content, you may be able to select the tone of the article, the level of formality, and more.

After you have entered all the necessary information, its time to generate the content! Turbowrites algorithm will work to create the content quickly, leveraging the data you have provided to create the best possible content for your project.


Finally, you will be able to edit and customize the content as you need, before publishing to your project, blog, website, or product page.